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Understanding Public Sector Applications of 5G for Future-Ready Smart Cities

Futuristic smart cities will use faster communication infrastructure, IoT, analytics, and automation to improve traffic, environmental protection, and public safety.

15 Ways The Rise Of 5G Is Changing Both Industries And Everyday Living

For many consumers, 5G equates to the power behind the latest generation of smartphones—devices with better connectivity and performance. And 5G has certainly made an impact in mobile communications—but its reach extends much farther. 5G technology is poised to transform multiple industrial and consumer applications, opening up new capabilities (and new risks).

It’s time for local leaders to embrace connectivity

We live in a digital first world where the need for fast, reliable connectivity is not just something people want–it’s a necessity.

5G subscriptions reach 1 billion globally at end-2022: Ericsson

The report showed that some 136 million 5G subscriptions were added globally during the last quarter of 2022.

How 5G and AI will work together

With their powers combined, AI and 5G technologies are a superforce. This dynamic duo has the potential to transform many different industries — from healthcare and transportation to entertainment and beyond.

Designing Your Supply Chain Planning For 5G Speed

5G wireless technology is considered the infrastructure needed for the fourth industrial revolution. This technology offers orders of faster data being sent and received and orders of higher connectivity while also reducing data latency.

Dallas near top of U.S. cities ‘best prepared for a smarter future,’ study says

Dallas ranked as the seventh-best U.S. city that is most prepared for an evolving digital landscape. Austin, which was the only other Texas city to appear on the list, landed as No. 1.

Smart Cities And 5G: Taking It to the Next Level

The number of Internet of Things (IoT) active connections in smart cities in the European Union alone is expected to double by 2025, with the global IoT in smart cities market size expected to grow by 18.8% overall.

5 ways to think and test differently in a 5G world

We are still discovering how 5G will transform our lives. With unprecedented speeds and decreased latency, society will benefit from innovative connected experiences, the Internet of things, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

How 5G is Driving the Future of Sustainability

While fifth-generation cellular connectivity (5G) is best known for delivering unprecedented wireless speed to consumers, it’s also poised to help solve a much more critical challenge: the push for sustainability, discusses Marisa Viveros, VP at IBM.

How 5G Fixed Wireless Access is Bridging the Digital Divide

When working from home and attending school virtually became part of everyday life during the COVID-19 pandemic, it taught us how vital home broadband internet is.

US cell site count nears half a million

There are nearly 419,000 cell sites across the US, according to the newest figures from CTIA. The trade association recently published its annual survey of its wireless network operator members, a report that helps clarify and quantify some of the industry’s regulatory issues.

Revolutionizing Healthcare with 5G

5G and private networks will have a major impact on the future of the healthcare industry. Because of this, it is important to become familiar with 5G and how it will help save lives by enabling faster response times, better sharing of patient information, and increased data security.

IoT, 5G Gaining Traction in Industrial Deployment

Omdia study found IoT and 5G to be an increasingly integral part of business operations as investment continues to rise

5G Speeds Are Getting Faster Than Ever

The 5G networks of all three major carriers in the United States have gotten faster over time, according to a report issued this week by OpenSignal.

Researchers utilize machine learning for resilient 5G surveillance

Dr. P.R. Kumar, Regents Professor, Distinguished Professor and O’Donnell Foundation Chair I in Computer Engineering, and Dr. Srinivas Shakkottai, professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Texas A&M University, are working on a collaborative project on resilient information networks.

‘Closing the digital divide’: Amarillo approves broadband collaboration with AT&T

The city of Amarillo announced Tuesday at a news conference during its regular council meeting an agreement to partner with AT&T to be a vendor for its citywide broadband initiative to get the city connected and underserved communities more Internet access.

5G Will Help Enhance Environment Protection and Sustainability, Conference Hears

The technology has already been used by companies to monitor and make more efficient systems to reduce emissions.

Global 5G connections to exceed 1 billion in 2022: Report

According to analyst firm CCS Insight, global 5G connections will reach 1.2 billion in 2022, despite the “turbulent” last few years. Analysts cite widespread availability of 5G-capable smartphones, refined operator strategies and the initiation of delayed network launches as the main drivers behind this growth.

How 5G can bridge the physical and the digital to bring us Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is coming—the fully-automated end of the digital transformation rainbow. Public 5G networks are built from the outside in, which means they cannot guarantee reliable coverage in all corners of all rooms where an industrial facility would need it to happen. However, private 5G networks can.

AT&T, Texas A&M Demonstrate new 5G Research Testbed

One of the most advanced university-based 5G research and innovation testbeds opened this morning on the RELLIS Campus in Bryan. About 100 industry and government leaders were there to learn how 5G is poised to enhance daily life in countless ways.

How 5G can transform public safety

At this time, 5G technology is still finding its feet, but it has already proven its value in several life-saving situations.

Almost 2,000 5G cities globally at end of 2021

Research shows 23 live open radio access network deployments and 24 standalone 5G networks in addition to almost 2,000 cities in the world having a next-generation mobile network

Ericsson Launches Global Utilities Innovation Center in Plano

From cybersecurity to 4G and 5G cellular reliability, there’s a need for a more secure and flexible modernized power grid.

Report: 5G to drive video enhancements

By 2027, 5G subscriptions are forecast to reach 4.4 billion globally, unleashing a massive consumer base demanding increasingly immersive experiences and wireless engagement made better by 5G.

Killeen university to open new cybersecurity center

A new cybersecurity center at one of Killeen’s post-secondary campuses will create more jobs. Thanks to funding from the Department of Homeland Security, Texas A&M University-Central Texas will be able to pay post-doctoral researchers around $60,000 to $100,000 per year.

The Role of 5G in the Sustainability Fight

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic has left many organizations developing strategies for environmental sustainability and for running an eco-friendly enterprise.

How 5G Technology Is Accelerating the Move to Cleaner Energy

5G has arrived for the energy industry. As noted by a recent Deloitte report, 5G networks could play a critical role in expediting the move to clean energy.

The future of sports: how 5G will transform the sports experience

The way we experience sports is constantly evolving, particularly when it comes to the technology involved. But 5G is set to change the game entirely. Here’s what happens when you marry 5G, low latency edge computing and sports technology.

5G Will Impact the Future Beyond Previous Generations of Wireless, Company Execs Say

With every generation of wireless technology new applications reveal themselves, and experts say 5G is no exception.

5G Will Impact the Future Beyond Previous Generations of Wireless, Company Execs Say

With every generation of wireless technology new applications reveal themselves, and experts say 5G is no exception.

Fortune 500 CEOs Discuss Why They Chose Houston for Their HQs

The ease of doing business, diversity and quality of life are just a few of the characteristics that draw companies and talent to Houston, according to two Fortune 500 CEOs.

5G is more than just mobile; it’s an infrastructure for innovation

5G is the next generation of mobile communication, but more than that, it’s an infrastructure for innovation.

5G device sales forecast to hit 46.5 million by 2026

A study from ABI Research has highlighted how the Covid-19 pandemic has quickened the pace of digital transformation, which shows no signs of slowing down, placing technologies such as always-on 5G portable devices at the very centre of how people live and work.

Taking 5G to the street: Low-profile, high-bandwidth 5G for urban environments

It’s clear that consumers and business demand high bandwidth and always-on connectivity for mobile devices and applications, especially in urban environments. New street level solutions produced by Ericsson in partnership with smart city solution provider Ubicquia and supported by AT&T will power the 5G networks of the future that unlock the potential for exciting new […]

16 Exciting Changes 5G Will Soon Bring To Business And Consumer Technology

Many consumers think of 5G simply in terms of faster cell or Wi-Fi service. And 5G does promise significant speed upgrades: The FCC says 5G can support download speeds of up to 300 megabits per second, compared to 12 to 36 Mbps for 4G.

‘Digital divide’ keeps millions of Texans offline. Could 5G boost access?

As schools and workplaces have switched to remote operations due to COVID-19, the gaps in access to high-speed internet connectivity, dubbed the digital divide, have been brought front and center for many households, with coverage gaps leaving some remote students and workers offline. As 5G comes online nationwide, how will the rollout impact Texas communities, […]

The Future Is Here: How 5G Is Revolutionizing Digital Identity

Over the past few years, the marketing teams at Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile have collectively spent millions of dollars in advertising campaigns to educate consumers about the benefits of 5G with the goal of convincing the American public to trade in their current smartphones for new, 5G-enabled devices.

Time to get yourself connected with 5G

5G provides the means to tackle the manufacturing sector’s greatest challenges, from achieving net zero and attracting future talent to maximising uptime and accelerating product development.

5G Under the Radar

5G could change the lives of millions of Americans this quarter, but it may have very little to do with the newly launched C-band spectrum.

AT&T pushes out ‘building block’ for wireless 5G in Austin, 7 other US metros

AT&T Inc. is rolling out a key new effort in 5G after a pause tied to questions in the aviation industry.

Disruption: 5G’s Greatest Opportunity

Agility is the mantra of the digital era. 5G delivers it with an open, disaggregated architecture and standards-based analytics and automation.

State of Innovation recap: The future of 5G technology is already transforming business

The future of 5G has arrived, but many businesses are still struggling to find their place within the digital and edge computing transformation. That hasn’t stopped tech-savvy companies and entrepreneurs from seizing its potential.

Why the Internet of Things Needs 5G Connectivity

As participating in a connected society continues to both evolve and impact our daily lives, the number of devices that are part of the Internet of Things is accelerating at an astonishing rate.

5G ‘set to be majority of mobile connections’ by 2027

This week’s Ericsson Mobility Report says that 5G will become the fastest deployed mobile generation to date and it says there will be close to 660 million 5G subscriptions by the end of 2021.

5G + IoT = Opportunity

Ultra-fast wireless connectivity has the power to handle burgeoning data volumes from connected sensors.

How 5G is evolving and transcending beyond our smartphones

While global 5G adoption has revolutionised smartphone usage, it’s growing way more beyond that: 5G deployment is now accelerating into industries, sectors, and governments to organisations to connect every aspect of their business, according to Qualcomm Technologies.

How 5G and edge computing are helping businesses thrive

The marriage of these two new technologies is improving efficiency and creating better customer experiences

How Advancements In 5G, Edge And AI Can Impact Food Production

If I look into the future, I see data. Tons of data. Billions of things connected — sensors, devices, phones, computers, you name it. By 2025, more than half of the world’s data is going to be generated by these devices and sensors outside the data center.

Realizing Time-Critical Communication with 5G

Time-Critical Communication enables high reliability and consistent low-latency (so-called bounded latency) connectivity on a large scale – in both wide and local coverage areas, leveraging any 5G frequency band.

Top 10 5G manufacturing use cases

The emergence of 5G technology will have a great impact in the way Industry 4.0 manufacturers, or “smart factories,” produce and distribute goods. The key elements of 5G, which are low latency, high reliability, and increased speed are necessary to support emerging technologies and their novel applications in the smart manufacturing space, such as process […]

Powering connected cars with 5G

Embedded connectivity is already unlocking new features and capabilities that are changing the driving experience, making it safer and more satisfying. 5G is what will fully unlock its potential.

How 5G Is Changing The Way We Do Business

We’re on the cusp of a real 5G breakthrough. For one, coverage is increasing. By the end of 2021, 5G mobile subscriptions are estimated to total over 580 million. By 2026, this is anticipated to jump to 3.5 billion subscriptions.

A First-of-Its-Kind ‘Tech Sandbox’: Equinix Launches 5G and Edge Tech Development Center in Dallas

Before mobile network operators, cloud platforms, and tech vendors can release 5G and edge solutions, they have to fully test them in the real world. But the “real world” doesn’t always provide the cutting-edge environment these breakthroughs require.

Lab to test real 5G tech at Camp Mabry

Three companies involved in the creation of a 5G test bed at Camp Mabry in Austin announced Sept. 23 plans to create a lab that will enable software developers to move ahead with building, testing and implementing the next generation of internet-of-things technology.

Three ways 5G is leading the fight against climate change

Increasingly, climate change is one of the leading concerns confronting societies and economies around the world. The effects are expected to cause enormous disruption and harm, with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) predicting that 1.5°C of warming could cause sea levels to rise 0.4 meters in 2100, with up to 69 million people […]

5G for first responders expands into El Paso

AT&T has expanded 5G connectivity to first responders on FirstNet in 10 cities, including El Paso. FirstNet is a nationwide network built for first responders, providing them with reliable and secure communications capabilities during national emergencies.

GM to add AT&T’s 5G connectivity to vehicles starting in 2023

General Motors plans to sell vehicles with 5G cellular connectivity provided by AT&T starting in 2023, the companies announced Thursday.

Global 5G network infrastructure revenue to surpass $19B

Global 5G network infrastructure revenue is set to grow by 39 per cent by the end of 2021, to reach US$19.1 billion, with future growth all but guaranteed.

5G is leaving LTE and 4G in the dust

The continued growth of 5G networks across the world has led to infrastructure revenue hitting huge new highs, according to new figures.

Telemedicine with 5G could be a gamechanger for military health

Telehealth became an even bigger industry during COVID-19. Doctors were forces to think of creative ways to see patients as people were forced to stay home to avoid the spread of the virus.

John Deere thinks rural 5G could help feed the world

Broadband might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about farming, but an executive from heavy equipment company John Deere argued maybe it should be.

Survey: Nearly 60% of global consumers plan 5G device upgrade within two years

A new report from Blancco, which specializes in data erasure and mobile device diagnostics for the secondary device market, reinforces some of that rosy view, with the caveat that it sees upgrades happening over the next two years.

5G small business opportunities: how to prepare

The seemingly boundless applications that 5G can power is expected to drive a shift to an augmented world that could reshape the way business is done.

The U.S. Is Back in the 5G Game

The U.S. campaign against Huawei has opened the cellular-equipment market to a host of new players that previously didn’t seem to have much of a chance.

How 5G May Improve Early Warnings of Severe Weather

In a small office across from a dry cleaner in Wake Forest, N.C., a team of engineers is exploring the possibility of using data found in 5G wireless signals to measure a key factor in the early detection of tornadoes.

AT&T builds private 5G network to help cancer patients

AT&T is building a millimeter wave (mmWave) private 5G network with multi-access edge computing (MEC) for the Ellison Institute. The carrier said the Ellison Institute is among the first medical facilities in the country using 5G to help advance cancer research.

Two in Three Small Businesses Say 5G Will Benefit Their Business When it is Rolled Out

Business owners also report that 5G will be beneficial to their business (63 per cent) and will significantly advance the use of technology in small businesses.

5G Could Be the Future of Concerts. No, Really

A new partnership between Verizon, Capitol Music Group and Motown Records centers on 5G, the tech that could — if all goes well — power the next generation of livestreams, holograms, NFTs, and self-driving cars

Public safety: A future powered by 5G

First responders didn’t need more challenges. Yet the past year has added unique pressures for public safety agencies, from increased calls and growing mental health stressors to decreased budgets and staffing reductions.

Austin ‘on the brink’ of transportation revolution with connected cars, city says

The city of Austin is on a path toward creating the transportation network of the future, which would have major implications for businesses that rely on the roads to ship goods or get employees into and out of work.

Why We Need 5G Technology and What It Means for Society

With all the conversations around 5G, it is easy to dismiss the network and its capabilities as overhyped. But its implications range farther and wider than people might think.

5G cell service gradually ramping up in Austin with more than 700 small cell sites approved

KXAN Meteorologist Nick Bannin spoke with Scott Dunaway from the Texas 5G Alliance to discuss 5G and the expansion of this technology into the future.

5G enables the future of work from anywhere

Flexibility, collaboration and productivity have always been key to running an effective business – and are especially critical during a global pandemic. Now, thanks to more efficient data networks, 5G technology and a work-from-anywhere (WFX) philosophy, we’re entering a new world of workforce mobility.

How 5G At The Edge Will Breathe Life Back Into Our Cities

Urban centers may have lost a bit of their lustre, but some technology experts believe 5G will breathe life back into our cities.

5G will advance payments and mobile commerce

Though still in the early stages of rollout, 5G technology could bring about positive changes to the retail industry, as retailers seek to maintain their digital transformation efforts and bring consumers safely back into stores in 2021.

The Next Generation Of Communication: How 5G Will Impact Our Businesses And Our Lives

The way in which we communicate, connect and share data is set to change with the evolution — no, revolution — that we call 5G.

Houston is poised to lead 5G growth in Texas, according to a new report

Based on one key measure, Houston sits at the forefront of a telecom revolution that could spark a regional economic impact of more than $30 billion.

The Digital Divide is Real. AT&T Commits $2 Billion To Bridge the Broadband Connectivity Gap

Over the next three years, the Dallas-headquartered company plans to help more Americans get connected through a three-pronged plan.

Joint Base San Antonio to focus on 5G for telemedicine

The Department of Defense is expanding its 5G technology experimentation to focus on medical capabilities, recent contracting documents show.

Ushering in the next-gen of health care with the Internet of Medical Things and 5G

Whether you are a hospital inpatient or an at-risk patient far from a clinic, new devices and sensors could revolutionize the care you receive while also lowering healthcare costs.

If 5G device shipments hit 2021 expectations, 5G can claim ‘mainstream’ status

Gartner’s mobile phone sales forecast provided more specific numbers, showing that in 2020, there were a total of 221 million 5G mobile phones sold, accounting for 12% of overall mobile phone sales. In 2021, the report predicts that there will be 489 million 5G units sold.

Execs from Snapchat, Verizon, and other top firms explain how 5G could supercharge their industries

Even though it is still in the early stages, much attention has been focused on how 5G services will effectively power innovation and increase performance, across a broad range of industries.

AT&T expanding 5G and 5G+ to all customers on unlimited plans at no extra cost

Dallas-based AT&T will extend 5G and 5G+ connectivity to all customers on unlimited plans at no extra cost this month.

Crown Castle hints at the future of indoor 5G

The 5G-capable, private wireless network – which was built on open RAN specifications – operates in the unlicensed 3.5GHz CBRS spectrum band, is owned and operated by Crown Castle, and is initially being used for “smart building” operations including tracking indoor air quality, tenant traffic and elevator wait times.

Tampa Bay set to gain thousands of 5G-related jobs in the next decade, report says

The Tampa Bay region is set to see a boom in tech-related jobs in the next decade, according to a new report.

Health and social care to gain the most from 5G productivity and efficiency gains, which will add US$1.3trillion to global GDP by 2030

More than a faster version of mobile connectivity on 4G, 5G’s speed, reliability, reduced energy usage and massive connectivity will be transformative for businesses and wider society, enabling ubiquitous access to super fast broadband.

5G and cloud: How telecom can architect the next cloud era

Moving the compute power from a device to the network edge with split rendering gives an indication of what is to come for next generation immersive user interfaces.

At Super Bowl LV, 5G Will Change the Game

Verizon outfitted Raymond James Stadium in Tampa with its ultra-high-capacity 5G UWB system to deliver huge amounts of bandwidth to the 22,000 butts that will actually be in seats, foreshadowing what live sports may be like in the future.

The (Gradual) 5G Revolution

The next stage of mobile connectivity, a series of innovations collectively dubbed “5G,” promises to be an upgrade bordering on another industrial revolution, fueling advances in areas ranging from autonomous vehicles to remote surgery and factory automation.

The Critical Role Of 5G In The Future Of Work

Even after COVID-19 subsides, it’s likely that our technology landscape is forever changed. In the U.S., for example, an estimated half of the current workforce is working remotely, with three in five saying they want to continue doing so.

5G and a world without traffic jams

Imagine a world without traffic jams. Or just a world with seamless, more enjoyable driving. Coupling its high reliability, ultra-fast speeds, and the latest in smart car technology, 5G could spell the end of traffic jams as we know them.

5G, social issues and energy are top of mind for leaders at Texas Legislature in 2021

Texas state legislators this year will convene today against the backdrop of the continuing Covid-19 pandemic — and the economic downturn caused by the coronavirus.

4G vs. 5G: The key differences between the cellular network generations

The first 5G networks started to debut in the US last year, which might prompt the question: What is the difference between the 4G cellular network you use now and the 5G networks that are on their way?

Ericsson inks deal with Frisco-based tech company Allios to bolster 5G delivery

Swedish telecom company Ericsson has struck a strategic partnership with Frisco-based tech company Allios to bolster Ericsson’s 5G development, the companies announced Friday.

Let’s commit to 5G in Texas

Conversations surrounding 5G technology have been increasing recently, and with good reason. With the ability to transform countless areas of our work and lives, including entertainment and healthcare delivery, injecting trillions into the global economy and helping first responders save lives, 5G is proving to be a key element of a brighter future.

5G’s rollout speeds along faster than expected, even with the coronavirus pandemic raging

A new report from Ericsson finds about 1 billion people will be in 5G coverage areas by the end of the year.

FCC launches $9bn fund to boost rural America’s 5G coverage

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has launched the 5G Fund for Rural America, putting up $9 billion over 10 years to expand high-speed wireless broadband coverage in the US.

Tech Titans’ 5G Challenge Winner: ‘We See a Future Society of Synthetic and Real Humans Working Together’

Marjorie Zielke wants to bring artificial intelligence to the classroom through virtual reality. Zielke, the director of UT Dallas’ Center for Simulation and Synthetic Humans, won the top prize at Tech Titans’ 5G Grand Challenge. The North Texas technology association put out a nationwide call for entrepreneurs designing 5G-enabled solutions earlier this summer.

5G to fuel $8tn addition to global economy: Nokia

Research by telecoms giant Nokia has today found that industries enabled by 5G could add $8tn to the global economy by 2030.

Texans Support Faster Implementation of 5G Technology

In August, TX5GA member Crown Castle completed statewide polling that shows a majority of  Texas voters and Opinion Leaders support faster implementation of 5G networks in their cities to increase wireless connectivity and enhance public safety in their community. Read more to see the full results.

FCC: 5G could eventually help cities predict and prevent wildfires

Jessica Rosenworcel, a Federal Communications Commissioner, said that she hopes smart cities and 5G could eventually predict and ensure the safety of its residents, even from natural disasters like wildfires.

3 Essential Ways To Prepare Your Business For 5G

5G is coming to a town or city near you soon. If it hasn’t already arrived, that is. But what is 5G, why is it such a key technology trend and, most importantly, what should businesses do to prepare for 5G? Read on to find out.

Industry cheers FCC’s legal victory in small cell battle

A federal appeals court mostly upheld FCC rules issued in 2018 on how 5G operators can deploy small cells, Reuters reported. The ruling generated plenty of excitement among those supporting the FCC’s small cell guidelines.

Harris County aims to end digital divide among students through new $32.1M program

More than 120,000 mobile hot spots and 250,000 devices will be distributed to students in need across Harris County due to a new program unanimously approved by Harris County Commissioners Court on Aug. 11.

How 5G Could Change Government’s Pandemic Response

The main benefit of 5G, especially for public sector applications, is the enablement of machine-to-machine communications.

5G Technology to Propel Texas Into a More Connected, Faster Future

As you drive across Texas, your cellphone probably goes in and out of service areas, moving across many different levels of connectivity. Your GPS app relies on internet data to function. Everything from fitness trackers to home appliances to your GoogleHome relies on internet connectivity

The Power of Combining 5G and AI

The convergence of artificial intelligence with internet-connected machines and superfast 5G wireless networks is opening possibilities across the planet—and even in outer space.

5G Is Already Transforming Sports, but Its Future Is Straight Out of Science Fiction

An augmented reality simulcast of a live sporting event is just one of the ways franchise owners, stadium operators, and their technology partners hope to utilize 5G’s super-fast data delivery and low latency, or delays in processing, to create a viewing experience like never before.

Ericsson selects Lewisville, Texas for company’s first 5G smart factory in the United States

The Texas-based facility will be a fully automated and connected smart factory when it opens in early 2020, producing Advanced Antenna System radios to enable rapid 5G deployments.

How 5G can save lives by aiding first responders

5G could mean the difference between night and day for firefighters. In the future, an artificial intelligence assistant could filter through the noise of screams, sirens and crackling flames, and provide only the information firefighters need.

5G is being used to perform remote surgery from thousands of miles away, and it could transform the healthcare industry

In January this year, cameras were on hand to film the jaw-dropping sight of the world’s first 5G remote surgery on a lab animal.

Understand: 5G technology and where it’s headed

You may have heard of 5G. It’s the fifth generation of cellular technology that promises enhanced speeds, responsiveness and coverage of wireless networks…

How 5G Could Impact The Brick-And-Mortar Experience

5G is poised to change retail as we know it. That may sound like a bold prediction, but there’s really no overstating the value that the fifth generation of wireless technology can deliver, particularly in the retail space.

Three ways 5G will cure consumer frustration

5G is coming faster than previously anticipated – and consumers are more eagerly anticipating the latest generation of mobile wireless technology than previously thought.

GSA: Number of 5G devices has doubled in the last three months

The 5G ecosystem continues to ramp up, with the Global mobile Suppliers Association reporting that the number of announced 5G devices has more than doubled in the last three months.

T-Mobile will launch 5G in six US cities on June 28th with Samsung’s Galaxy S10 5G

T-Mobile will launch 5G in six US cities, including Dallas.

How self-driving cars, smart roads and 5G could change Austin as we know it

If you’re reading this, you’re likely well-aware of the hype around the emerging innovations that promise to transform how we work and how we get to and from where we work.

The Realities Of Smart City Development

When most people speak about smart cities, they often imagine a futuristic metropolis, as depicted in movies and television. In reality, smart cities will be the product of the ongoing and gradual evolution of information technologies — with which we’re already familiar in our everyday lives — and will not look much different than they […]

Sprint to show off 5G at Google I/O

A trial run before its big push later this month.

Five Advancements 5G Will Enable In The Future

Hot off the heels of the Mobile World Congress 2019, there’s one technology everyone is buzzing about more than any other: 5G.

This Is What Google’s First ‘Smart City’ Will Look Like

In 2017, the group announced plans to build its first connected “city,” a neighborhood called Quayside on the waterfront on Toronto, Canada, and now we have a better idea of what that city might look like.

5G Moto Mod gets FCC certification

The Federal Communications Commission has certified the 5G Moto Mod, suggesting that the attachment offering 5G capability could be on the market soon.

West Lake Hills works to improve connectivity

West Lake Hills is exploring ways to improve wireless connectivity throughout the city after complaints of “dead zones” have been reported by residents and police officers, officials said.

In North Texas, FCC commissioner champions 5G as an economic engine

Climbers in harnesses descended from bright blue stacked shipping containers Monday morning — not to work out in a rock climbing gym, but to train for the rollout of 5G, the next-generation wireless network.

How 5G will make smart cities a reality

The expansion of 5G technology is one of the keys to smart city development.

Super Bowl 2019: Are the wireless networks up to snuff?

Carriers are working furiously to ensure your Instagram posts and livestreams don’t jam during the big game.

FCC Commissioner Carr talks infrastructure, spectrum and jobs needed for 5G

For most consumers and businesses, 5G is still an intangible technology that appears to be driven more by marketing than actual results, but FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr tried to synthesize the opportunity in remarks at the European 5G Conference in Brussels.

Sprint rounds out CES 2019 with 5G call

Working with Nokia and Qualcomm, Sprint has made a 5G data call on its live commercial network in San Diego, including streaming YouTube videos, making Skype video calls, and sending and receiving messages.

AT&T is creating a 5G hospital

The next-gen wireless tech is expected to speed up network communications and reduce latency at a Chicago medical center.

Autonomous vehicle expert says 5G will make driverless cars safer

The general manager of the self-driving car company, Voyage, said in an episode of “Boundless” that aired Monday on Hill.TV that 5G technology will help make autonomous vehicles safer.

5G will make life faster for Americans. The FCC should make sure no one gets left in the dust.

Cellphone carriers such as AT&T and Verizon are not the only ones racing to 5G. The United States and China are also jockeying to create the best network the fastest — and reap the rewards in technological innovation.

Small cell antennas being installed in Lakeside

Small cell antennas are currently being installed in the Lakeside area, which will improve cell service for AT&T Wireless customers, according to Lakeside DFW.

AT&T’s 5G Network Now Live in San Antonio

5G, the latest iteration of mobile wireless technology, has landed in San Antonio. AT&T announced Tuesday it has turned on its new 5G mobile network in 12 cities, including San Antonio. On Friday, it will release a select number of wireless hotspots in area stores.

AT&T expands fiber to a dozen more metros — boosting its 5G efforts

AT&T Inc. unveiled 12 new metropolitan areas for its fiber service part of a push that should help the next-generation of wireless networks, as well.

JMA Wireless acquires 5G radio solutions provider Phazr

JMA Wireless just acquired Phazr, the Allen, Texas-based provider of 5G RAN technology that supports spectrum from 600 MHz all the way up to 47 GHz

Wireless tech is getting an ‘unprecedented’ update — and Dallas is getting the VIP treatment

Dallas is getting a front-row seat for the future.

5G has arrived – here’s what you can expect from AT&T

AT&T’s plans for 5G are somewhat confusing at first glance, as the company talks about at least four current and upcoming 5G-related services.r AT&T, we broke down the AT&T 5G rollout into four confusion-free sections. Take a look.

Why China Is Way Ahead In Super-Speedy Wireless 5G Deployment

China is likely to win the race to next-generation wireless technology, according to analysts. And the negative consequences for the U.S. of losing could take decades to overcome.

Crown Castle increases outlook for small cell deployments in 2019

Crown Castle is accelerating efforts to deploy small cells in 2019. The company says it will now build up to 15,000 small cell nodes in the coming year, marking a 50% jump from its previous projections.

Austin has been slow to implement 5G rollout, city official says

For some time, telecommunication companies have been saying that Austin is lagging in implementing the next wave of wireless communication, known as 5G. Now, the city is admitting that is the case.

Viewpoint: Business and fun hamstrung in Austin

It’s time for Austinites to engage, and for our City to embrace the smart city infrastructure of the future.

Commentary: Why Austin lags in race to a 5G future

Small cells and 5G wireless networks, with speeds up to 100 times faster than current networks, will revolutionize what is possible in the wireless space. Yet as providers announce that Texas cities like Dallas, Houston and Waco will be receiving 5G in the near future, Austin is left on the outside looking in.

AT&T, Samsung team up to create 5G ‘Innovation Zone’ in Austin

Tech giants AT&T and Samsung announced Wednesday that they will create the country’s first manufacturing-focused 5G “Innovation Zone” in Austin.

T-Mobile lines up more small cells and fiber backhaul for 5G

T-Mobile this week offered further evidence the company is preparing its network for the launch of 5G network services. Specifically, the nation’s third-largest wireless network operator announced the expansion of a deal with Crown Castle to add more small cells to its network, and it also said it now has fiber backhaul nationwide to support […]

In race for 5G networks, Austin may be falling behind

The world’s largest telecommunication companies are racing toward the next generation of wireless communication, dubbed 5G. But in Austin, a metro area usually known for tech innovation, the going is slow.

AT&T to expand 5G network; Austin’s still not on the list

AT&T Inc. announced Monday the cities that will get its high-speed 5G wireless internet in the near future. The Dallas-based telecommunications company said it would roll out the next generation of wireless technology in 2018 in Houston, Jacksonville, Louisville, New Orleans and San Antonio. Then in early 2019 it will move into parts of Las […]

Up in Ya Business – Texas 5G Alliance

Todd speaks with Scott Dunaway from the Texas 5G Alliance about 5G in Austin and its future in Austin.

AT&T invests $1.5 billion in Houston networks, eyeing 5G wireless

AT&T has invested nearly $1.5 billion in Houston wireless and wired networks in the last three years, the company reported Wednesday. The upgrades improve reliability, coverage, speed and performance, the company said, and are helping pave the way for 5G, the next generation of wireless networking, expected to offer gigabit speeds to smartphones and other […]

Ericsson launching US 5G software development centre

Ericsson is going all in on 5G, announcing increased R&D and manufacturing in the US across baseband, radio, artificial intelligence, and automation, with plans to launch a new software development centre.

Frisco’s $1.5B planned community is one of country’s first built from the ground up for 5G

Along with construction cranes raising its apartment buildings and hotels, developers behind Frisco Station are focused on another ingredient they see as essential for the mixed-use development: Laying the foundation for fast, reliable internet.

5G is coming to Houston. Here’s why that’s a big deal

Houston residents will be among the first in the country to access the internet at faster-than-ever speeds.

Modernizing Rules around 5G Small Cells Could Unlock Additional $100 Billion in Economic Growth, According to New Report.

WASHINGTON – Reducing current timelines for 5G wireless infrastructure deployments by 12 months would unleash an additional $100 billion to the U.S. economy, according to a new report commissioned by CTIA.

Autonomous shuttles will be driving in downtown Austin this fall

It may not be the ’Dillo shuttle many Austinites remember, but a new downtown circulator operated by autonomous vehicles will launch this fall in Austin. The autonomous, or self-driving, shuttles are part of a new technology-infused approach to transit that Capital Metro has been exploring in the past couple of years.

Austin Tech Alliance Publishes Community Letter Supporting 5G

Austin is far behind other communities in permitting small cells, technology that will bring 5G – the next generation of high-speed wireless service. In fact, a recent Texas Senate hearing revealed that among the major metropolitan areas in the state, Houston had approved 548 of 580 small cell permit applications, Dallas had approved 288 of […]

Report: Smart city technology could dramatically improve quality-of-life indicators

Research in the last year alone has found that smart cities and innovative technology can have all kinds of benefits for urban dwellers. This includes a report from Intel that smart technology can save citizens 125 hours a year, while smart building technology could save on utility bills. Based on the reports that have proliferated […]

Lyft expands driverless car service in Las Vegas

The future of travel is in the valley and rideshare company Lyft has made strides by using new technology. Lyft’s new program is like like a page ripped out of a science fiction movie. When passengers open the app on their phones to order a ride, they may see a new option: the self-driving car.

Commentary: It’s time to Kick 5G innovation Into High Gear and We’re Doing it in Austin

Decades ago, wireless deployment served only a narrow purpose for a narrow constituency. Today, it provides nearly limitless ways to make life easier for all people through the power of mobility. As we enter the next generation of wireless technology known as 5G, we know that mobility encompasses much more than telecommunications.

For AV testing, there’s less mess in Texas

FRISCO, Texas — Texans don’t take kindly to sitting in the shadow of that other overachieving big state, even in the tech sector where California has a head start.

5G promises Houstonians faster internet, more choice

Wayne Herbert is not happy with his options for home internet access. Comcast jacks up his rates each year, prompting the annual phone call, familiar to many Houstonians, that maybe brings down his payments but always raises his blood pressure.

Texas Cities Demonstrate Mixed Progress on Preparation for the Future of 5G Technology for Texas Senate Committee

AUSTIN, TEXAS – The Texas Senate Business and Commerce Committee held a hearing on May 15, 2018 that reveals a wide gap on the 5G preparedness of Texas cities. The full hearing can be viewed HERE and the Committee hearing notice can be accessed HERE. Major cities provided updates on the implementation of the new […]

Key players warn Austin is being left behind in 5G future

AUSTIN (KXAN) – While companies ramp up to offer 5G service for cell phones, lawmakers and providers say Austin will be left behind because the city is slow rolling a permitting process. In 2017, lawmakers passed a law that made it cheaper and easier for major companies — AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint — to […]

Architecture firms design Skyports for flying Uber taxis

Three Texas-based architecture firms have unveiled their designs for what’s being called a Skyport concept created to serve as takeoff and landing facilities for the flying taxis being developed by ridesharing giant Uber Technologies Inc.

Dallas aims to begin smart street projects within a year

The City of Dallas plans to begin adding smart street projects within a year as a part of future projects to take down some of its elevated freeways.

Race for 5G Speeds Up, Lifting West’s Top Suppliers

The race for 5G, the next generation of wireless technology, is heating up sooner than expected.

The Race to 5G

The next generation of wireless is coming. The race to lead the world in 5G is underway and countries like China, South Korea, and Japan are doing everything they can to win. The competition carries real stakes.

The Global Race For 5G Technology Is On, And It’s Not Looking Good

Around the world, the race is on to deploy new, powerful 5G technology that will transform how we interact, live, and conduct business. Despite the United States’ technological dominance in the past, there are troubling signs that we may be falling behind in a global contest that several other countries are intent on winning.

Commentary: How 5G Technology Will Transform the Way We Live

Over 40 years ago, humanity was introduced to on-the-go communications with the first generation of clunky cellphones that looked like bricks or came in backpacks. These phones were heavy, with batteries that would last only an hour, and the simple voice-only calls were routinely intercepted over police scanners.

AT&T To Speed Up 5G Deployment Via Crown Castle Deal

AT&T is set to speed up its 5G deployment via the Crown Castle deal that it currently has in place. The improvement to AT&T’s 5G rollout efforts will be part of the expansion to the Crown Castle deal and will help AT&T build out its 5G technologies, which will lead to a faster rollout of its […]

Uber to bring flying service to Texas by 2020

“We’re marching forward to have demonstration flights by 2020,” Head of Uber Products for Advanced Programs, Nikhil Goel said. “That means people living in Dallas – Fort Worth area can start to see these planes flying over their heads.”

How the Wireless Industry Powers the U.S. Economy

We live in a time when the world is more connected than ever before. With more than 262 million smartphone users in the U.S. and a 238 percent increase in data traffic in the last two years, it is clear that the “always-on” promise is here. While traffic growth is heavily driven by video and […]

US, Asia to lead the way in global 5G deployment

A new report from CCS Insight has revealed that the US and Asia will continue to lead the way in the deployment and adoption of 5G.

Houston joins ‘smart’ cities program to study transportation, technology

Houston will join 21 other cities in a national partnership aimed at addressing persistent transportation challenges as technology and mobility choices have planners rethinking how streets, sidewalks and private spaces interact.

LOGIX Fiber Networks Joins Texas 5G Alliance

LOGIX Fiber Networks, the largest Texas-based independent fiber network provider, has joined the Texas 5G Alliance as a coalition member, contributing to the organization’s mission of advocating for the next generation of high-speed wireless technologies needed as smart cities continue to increase and expand throughout the state of Texas.

Vapor IO to build 100 edge computing locations for wireless carriers by 2019

Startup Vapor IO has plans to build 100 “micro data centers” for edge computing in locations around the country by the end of next year. The rollout involves the company installing its equipment at the base of existing cell tower sites—or in other locations—and then selling the resulting computing power to wireless providers, tower companies […]

4 Reasons 5G Is Critical For Mass Adoption Of AR And VR

The world is buzzing from all the talk about augmented reality and virtual reality. Both have been trending at major consumer electronic shows this year. We are on the verge of seeing AR and VR change the way we live. Everything from how we shop to how we work will be different. However, we haven’t […]

FCC Approves ‘5G Ready’ Wireless Infrastructure Reforms

AUSTIN, TX – The Texas 5G Alliance issues the following statement from spokesperson, Scott Dunaway, on the FFC’s approval of an order to modernize wireless infrastructure deployment: “The Texas 5G Alliance commends Commissioner Carr and his counterparts at the FCC on taking an important step to modernizing the agency’s approach to the deployment of wireless […]

Our Driverless Future

Say goodbye to humans behind the wheel. Self-driving cars are coming faster than you think, and the changes they bring will reach for are beyond our roads.

How Austin, other cities are preparing for driverless vehicles

Driverless cars may be the transportation of the future. But they’re giving today’s policymakers some consternation. Top officials from Austin, Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C., outlined what they’re doing to prepare for the rise of autonomous vehicles at a South by Southwest panel on Monday.

A Look at the Future of 5G-Powered Smart Cities

What will cities of the near future look like when buildings, cars, people and a whole slew of other things can communicate with each other? Earlier this month, tech companies and telecoms at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, tried to answer that question, showing off their plans for 5G—a next-generation wireless, network that will enable exponentially faster […]

How the IoT is evolving to reach the mainstream with businesses and consumers

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming how companies and consumers go about their days around the world. The technology that underlies this whole segment is evolving quickly, whether it’s the rapid rise of the Amazon Echo and voice assistants upending the consumer space, or growth of AI-powered analytics platforms for the enterprise market.

Sprint 5G coming to LA, DC, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston

The six cities will begin experiencing 5G upgrades on Sprint as of April, with the carrier saying it will deliver the first US 5G mobile network in the first half of 2019 thanks to its ‘deep spectrum position’.

Qualcomm’s simulated 5G tests shows how fast real-world speeds could actually be

We’ve spent the last couple months hearing a lot about the kinds of speeds that 5G will theoretically be able to offer at its peak, but what about how the next-generation networks will work in actual, less than ideal real world conditions? That’s what Qualcomm is looking to answer with the 5G simulation tests it’s […]

Innovations and Disruptions: Passing the Torch to 5G Technology

The Olympics have become the modern-day World’s Fair for the demonstration of game-changing technological advances. As the world turns its focus to PyeongChang to cheer their fellow countrymen in their pursuit of gold, they will also witness the passing of the torch to the next generation of mobile wireless technology, known as 5G.

AT&T announces Dallas, Atlanta, and Waco as first three 5G cities for 2018

Following AT&T’s pledge last month to build out a true 5G network by the end of the year, the telecom has announced its first three of 12 locations that will get standards-based, mobile 5G by the end of the year. The company says two Texas cities, Dallas and Waco, are on the list, as well as Atlanta, […]

How 5G Will Change Your Life

Faster speeds. Higher bandwidth. Lower latency. The next era of wireless technology is coming – and it will open the door to life-changing innovations.

5G is helping make Pyeongchang the most high-tech Olympics ever

Spectators at the Pyeongchang Olympics aren’t just getting to watch the ultimate showdown in winter sports. They’re also witnessing the most high-tech Olympic Games in history.

How 5G Will Juice Up Your Phone and Your Fridge: QuickTake

The world’s next mobile network, 5G, promises that it will be blazing fast and capable of accommodating many more connected devices. Don’t go shopping for a 5G-compatible phone just yet, since technical standards are still being hammered out. But businesses that rely on wireless connectivity are already dreaming of how they could put 5G to work.

The Winter Olympics Will Be A Coming-Out Party For 5G Wireless

Korea will show off its tech prowess with high-speed networks beaming real-time video and VR straight from athletes to spectators.

How some cities are attracting 5G investments ahead of others

As communities across the United States wait to learn how high-speed mobile networks will figure in a long-promised infrastructure plan, some cities are already attracting private investment in next-generation 5G networks. They are doing so by finding new ways to collaborate with network and equipment providers, creating a set of “best practices” that other local governments can […]

What is 5G? What will it do? And when will we get it?

With news that the government will build a 5G cellular network being reported and then just as quickly dismissed by officials, many Americans have found themselves asking: What the heck is 5G anyway?

How Dallas Is Trying to Become the Smartest City in the Country

The City of Dallas is well known for Cowboys and corporate headquarters and but historically it is not been known for tech innovation innovation. If all goes according to plan, that last part will change.

Driverless cars and other emerging technologies require a future filled with 5G

Even in a world accustomed to breathtaking technological disruption, the news that GM will launch a car without a steering wheel or pedals next year comes as a shock. This significantly modified Chevy Bolt shows that the future is fast approaching — a future of driverless cars and autonomous vehicles instead of the human-operated vehicles that we have known […]

5G Is Coming Soon. Do You Care? You Should. Here’s Why.

Progress is generally a highly subjective term. But for those who understand what it is and what it means, the advent of 5G is unequivocally good news. As it develops and grows, the next generation wireless network has the potential to create millions of jobs, drive growth, and enable a host of new technologies, from […]

Technology and Business Leaders Join Forces to Support Connectivity of the Future – Texas 5G Alliance will Promote Importance of Smart City Infrastructure

oday the Texas 5G Alliance is proud to announce the formal launch of an organization that will serve as the leading advocate for the world changing impact of 5G technology and infrastructure that will be required to meet the evolving demands of consumers and smart cities. The Alliance will focus on the education and advocacy for the […]

5G mobile networks: A cheat sheet

As LTE networks become increasingly saturated, mobile network operators are planning for the 5G future. Here is what business professionals and mobile users need to know about 5G.

Crown Castle gears up for 5G cellphone service

Crown Castle is ready for the 5G future. The Houston telecommunications company recently completed a $9 billion buying-spree that more than doubled its fiber optic network across the United States as it also moved to significantly expand its inventory of so-called small cell devices that boost internet speeds. All this positions Crown Castle to prosper […]

5G: The Coming Key to Technology’s Future

The annual Consumer Electronics Show is driving tens of thousands of techies to Las Vegas this week to get their hands on the latest in cutting-edge gadgets, robots and vehicles, some of which are likely still years ahead of their time.

CES panel: Things could go wrong in 5G rollout, but it’s going to happen regardless

Sure, some things could go wrong on the way to 5G. Bugs can pop up. Delays may occur. But 5G is going to come, no matter what.

2018 Preview: Small-cell deployments will finally gain ground

The U.S. market for small cells has been shackled as carriers, government agencies and other organizations struggle to develop policies and processes for zoning, siting and deploying them. But the little transmitters are beginning to gain significant—if not exactly dramatic—traction in 2018: T-Mobile recently said it has deals to deploy 28,000 small cells “in the […]

Austin’s role in the rise of autonomous vehicles

At a news conference in the spring, Austin Mayor Steve Adler made a bold statement about the city’s future in innovative technology — specifically, its future in the automotive industry.

HGTV stars make big ‘Gaines’ with AT&T 5G speeds

All those selfies that visitors to Magnolia Market in Waco upload to Instagram will make the are fertile ground for the telecom giant to test out its newest technology.

Ultra-fast 5G wireless service declared national security priority by White House

Who would have thought that the president who writes in 140-character missives would suddenly be interested in 70 Gbps wireless internet access?

2017 was a good year for 5G trials

As the 3GPP works toward finalizing the 5G New Radio specification, set for mid-2018, operators, infrastructure providers and the larger telecom ecosystem have engaged in a number of promising pre-standard 5G trials that lay the groundwork for rapid commercialization of ultra-high-capacity, ultra-low-latency network applications. Here we take a look at some of the stand-out testing […]

Robot delivery drones are just around the corner

City-sanctioned land drones could be hitting a sidewalk near you by February 2018. That was the report Austin Transportation Department Chief of Staff Karla Taylor gave to the Urban Transportation Commission on Tuesday evening.

Silicon Labs’ plan to acquire another IoT technology a shrewd move, analysts say

The deal could provide Silicon Labs customers with more choice at a cheaper price. And it’s an insightful business move, according to analysts who track the semiconductor sector.

Qualcomm: First 5G Phones Won’t Be Battery Hogs

When 5G phones come in 2019, they won’t nuke your battery. The 5G transition will be less painful than the 3G/4G switch, so you won’t have to wait for second-gen phones to get decent battery life, Qualcomm said at its Snapdragon Summit.

Survey: Densification picks up, with an eye on 5G

A new survey shows that nearly 60% of operators expect to focus on small cells in the first years of 5G deployment, as they roll out targeted densification to support enhanced mobile broadband and other 5G use cases.

T-Mobile has deals to deploy 28K small cells ‘in the short term’

T-Mobile has contracted to deploy tens of thousands of small cells to densify its network in advance of 5G, T-Mobile’s vice president of network technology and strategy said Wednesday.

Austin looking into autonomous vehicles

Autonomous transportation is something that has been a fascinating concept for quite a while, but now it is become a reality for one Texas city and a possibility for Austin.

Waymo’s Autonomous Cars Cut Out Human Drivers in Road Tests

The self-driving car is edging closer to becoming driverless. Waymo, the autonomous car company from Google’s parent company Alphabet, has started testing a fleet of self-driving vehicles without any backup drivers on public roads, its chief executive said Tuesday. The tests, which will include passengers within the next few months, mark an important milestone that […]

The Future Of The Transport Industry – IoT, Big Data, AI And Autonomous Vehicles

Tremendous strides by innovators have resulted in some fascinating and intriguing enhancements to the transportation industry. In fact, in many ways, it feels like the future of the transportation industry is already here. These developments will cause transportation companies to rethink job descriptions and figure out when humans should be at the helm or when […]

Stronger infrastructure policy will revolutionize everything

Millions of Americans cram into aging airports every November to travel over Thanksgiving, a holiday notorious for a dizzying number of delays. As any frequent traveler knows, travel challenges are not limited to holidays. In fact, 24 of the top 30 airports are soon expected to experience Thanksgiving-like volume at least one day every week. […]

Traffic signals in Frisco will soon talk with cars as part of new technology push

What if you knew when you stopped at a traffic signal whether you had two minutes or 10 seconds before the light turned green? That basic information has been shown to provide an extra level of comfort for drivers. And it’s part of a new technology coming soon to a vehicle near you.

Get ready for ‘unlimited data’ of 5G networks in 2019

When it comes to 5G networks, there’s something beyond pure speed to get excited about. Next-generation mobile networks will be able to accommodate a lot more people and a lot more data as carriers like Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T and manufacturers like Nokia and Ericsson improve the total capacity of the network. That means your phone won’t be fighting […]

Crown Castle Exec Talks 5G Infrastructure Ahead of DC5G Summit

Mark Reudink is the director of product development at Crown Castle, an infrastructure provider that owns approximately 40,000 cell towers, 25,000 small cells and 29,000 miles of fiber. Such infrastructure will be critical to the rollout of 5G services — and here, we share some of Reudink’s thoughts on how he envisions this rollout progressing […]

AT&T Will Be Testing 5G in These U.S. Cities Later This Year

AT&T said on Wednesday that it is expanding its 5G trials to include three new U.S. cities by the end of the year as part of its push to develop a next-generation network.

Why there’s a need for 5G speed

As nearly every part of our world — from home refrigerators to heavy machinery — becomes connected, mobile carriers and companies across the world are racing to roll out fifth-generation mobile networks. 5G will bring the speed, reliability and bandwidth to keep pace with the ways we use technology, from smartphones to fitness trackers to […]

It’s Time to Think Beyond Cloud Computing

Fasten your harnesses, because the era of cloud computing’s giant data centers is about to be rear-ended by the age of self-driving cars. Here’s the problem: When a self-driving car has to make snap decisions, it needs answers fast. Even slight delays in updating road and weather conditions could mean longer travel times or dangerous […]

Apple has an idea for car sensors that could drastically reduce crashes

Apple has scoped out an idea for Bluetooth sensors that help cars communicate with each other, according to an updated patent published on Thursday.

11 Ways The Advent Of 5G Will Aid Your Business

5G remains a work in progress, but that progress is getting closer to completion. Some are forecasting the network’s arrival as soon as 2020, though that remains just an estimate. Regardless, the functionality of the system, once operational, will be remarkable, far outstripping speeds of previous networks.

An Interview with Barak Epstein, Co-Founder of SmartAustin

Laura Benold, Smart Cities Connect Managing Editor, interviews Barak Epstein, Co-Founder, SmartAustin about growth in his community and what ideal smart city entrepreneurs look like.

What is 5G?

5G is coming this year. Or maybe not. In the race to 5G, or fifth generation wireless, companies are starting to promise the impossible, which will result in a lot of confusion over the next few years. Because there isn’t any official definition of 5G yet, all the players in the wireless world, from chipset […]

Flying vehicles from Uber are planned to be in Frisco’s sky by 2020

During the Elevate Summit presentations Tuesday in Dallas, Uber’s Chief Product Officer Jeff Holden unveiled the company’s plans for urban air mobility, which include flying vehicles. The ride-hailing company plans to launch a fleet of aircraft—called Vertical Take-Off and Landing, or VTOL aircraft—with the Dallas-Fort Worth area as the test market for these vehicles.

What Is 5G, and When Do I Get It?

Look at the top corner of your phone screen. Right now, it probably reads 4G LTE, and you’re probably fine with that. But soon—and we’re talking years, not months—your phone will say 5G there instead.